Humm Drum provides a range of emotional healing services and emotional empowerment solutions 'to help people heal better and feel better'.

We believe in an integrated approach to healing, intermingling different forms of therapy, and collaborating with other practitioners

We work with individuals and groups, including non-profits, educational institutes & corporates. 

Our therapies are rooted in psychotherapy and are also a lot of fun. 



Here is a glimpse into what we do.


Our Work

Our Services

1. Drum Circles and Rhythm Therapy

2. Laughter Yoga

3. Therapeutic Clowning

4. Relaxing Sound Baths

5. Breathwork 

6. Re-parenting and Inner Child Work

7. DIY Instrument Making Workshops

8. Zen-doodling

Whom we've worked with - 

1. Non-profits (NGOs)

2. Schools & Edu Institutes

3. Organizations & Corporates

4. Community gatherings

5. Caregivers  

6. CanKids (Kids with Cancer)

7. Juvenile Delinquents

8. Special Needs

Integrated Solutions for - 

1. Stress relief

2. Depression & Anxiety

3. Special Needs

4. Addiction, self-harm & suicidal tendencies

5. Trauma & Abuse


+91 96191 49955


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